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2024 – Day 1 of 366

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Make all Your Meals Energy-based


Defined: the quality of being open to more than one interpretation; inexactness.:

New Word

It is my new word. It is a word that I will strive to understand as I move forward. Over the last few years, I have tried to live with an open mind, heading straight into obstacles.  This has allowed me to be better equipped for anything life throws my way, and ambiguity is a concept I can use to continue growing. With ambiguity comes the opportunity for new perspectives, lessons learned, and knowledge gained. Life presents obstacles that are not always clear-cut, but I can tackle them head-on with the right attitude and understanding of ambiguity.

It is a word that I will strive to understand as I move forward. Accepting ambiguity allows me to view different perspectives and thus gain better insight into any potential decision or problem. With this thinking, I can confidently face the unknown head-on with an open mind. This doesn’t mean everything will be easy, but it does allow me to be better prepared for anything life throws my way.

I will use ambiguity as a tool to further develop my understanding of the world and myself. By embracing new perspectives, I can discover more about my values and what is essential in life. With this newfound insight, I can make decisions based on thoughtful consideration and knowledge rather than fear or impulsiveness. My goal is to face each situation in life with grace and clarity, fully understanding the consequences of my actions so I can make the right decisions.

I will also become more open to new experiences and opportunities by accepting ambiguity. This allows me to explore different paths, adopt new hobbies, and build relationships. A sense of curiosity and an eagerness to learn can lead to personal growth and self-discovery. I’m excited to see what the future holds, but also mindful that life is full of surprises. With an open mind, I can embrace them with grace and clarity, no matter what comes my way.

By accepting uncertainty in my life, I am taking a leap of faith into the unknown. But I know it will be worth it; I’ll learn and grow unimaginably and maybe even surprise myself. So here’s to facing life with grace and clarity, no matter what comes my way!

Driving on the left for the first time

I’m looking forward to this journey of self-discovery and growth, fueled by curiosity, open-mindedness, and a willingness to learn. I’m ready to explore new activities, adopt new hobbies, and build relationships that will bring me closer to understanding my true purpose in life. With each step toward self-fulfillment and personal growth, I’m getting closer to the person I want to become.

Bring it on — I’m ready for this!

And with that, I’ll take the time to appreciate each moment and reflect on my progress. I’ll journal my thoughts, practice mindfulness techniques, and stay open to learning new things every day. By taking a holistic approach to self-development, great things will come from this journey.

I travelled in 2022 and part of 2023 (about ten months). Visiting South Korea, Thailand, Ireland, and The UK. My experiences were incredible. I travelled to Ireland thrice. I felt the most at home in Ireland, adapting quickly to driving on the wrong side. I spent most of my time in Dungarvan at an Airbnb I liked. I also like staying in Burnham on Crouch in the UK although I am sure it was the people I liked most, as driving there was not my favourite. I need more time as it is not much different than Ireland. The speed limit in the UK is miles per hour, which is odd. 

So, how does ambiguity fit into this story?

I definitely encountered my fair share of ambiguity during my travels. From navigating the public transport system to finding an affordable place to stay in cities like Dublin and the Crouch, I was often left uncertain about how best to proceed. Even understanding local customs and culture was sometimes a challenge! On one occasion, I mistakenly got on the wrong train in South Korea without realizing it. This led to an unexpected detour and an exciting adventure! In another instance, I had difficulty understanding the speed limit in the UK, which seemed much faster than what was indicated on the signs. 

So yes, ambiguity certainly played a role in my travels.

How do we recognize ambiguity in our lives? The first step is to be aware of the possibility that something could have multiple meanings or interpretations. Once that awareness has been established, it’s essential to take the time to assess the available information and come up with a conclusion based on our own understanding. 

This involves being open-minded and looking at different perspectives to draw an accurate conclusion. Additionally, if there are any doubts, it’s essential to ask questions and seek clarity from those who are more knowledgeable or have a greater degree of experience.

By recognizing ambiguity in our lives, we can be better prepared for the unexpected and make more informed decisions that benefit us in the long run. Additionally, being able to recognize ambiguity will help us build relationships with others by understanding their point of view and striving to achieve a common goal. Finally, recognizing ambiguity can lead us down paths we hadn’t thought of before, allowing us to explore new possibilities and create opportunities for ourselves.


Ultimately, recognizing ambiguity means being open-minded and willing to take risks to learn more about the world around us. It is an essential skill that can help us grow and develop, both professionally and personally. With a greater understanding of ambiguity comes a better sense of self-confidence, allowing us to make bold decisions and take on life’s challenges with strength.

Photo by Tim Collins / Unsplash

Watch out for Obstacles

Sometimes, though, my open-mindedness and willingness to take a risk have backfired. You also have to be willing to accept the consequences of your actions, as someone could interpret your actions differently than what you had intended. The result for me was devastating. Instead of getting both sides of the story, I lost multiple friendships instantly without fully understanding what had happened. 

By embracing the power of ambiguity, we can create a more meaningful life for ourselves and be ready to face whatever comes our way. In a positive light or sometimes in a negative light. Obstacles will always pop up; you have to learn to navigate the way around them. 

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